Hypnotism that uses the non verbal cues

Hypnotism is the practice of hypnosis. Hypnosis will cause the sound mind to be altered because of the power that integrates within it. That is the reason why people who are hypnotized will change their emotions or actions.

Hypnotism can be used in many different ways to control the behavior of certain people. A s mentioned  at http://homebusinessreloaded.com/2010/09/28/covert-hypnosis-hypnosis-principles-that-give-you-results/, it can be both practice in the art of persuasion and therapy.

In the art of persuasion, covert hypnosis is used. Covert hypnosis uses the power of suggestion to have the outcome that is desired of. However, unlike to the therapeutic hypnosis, this specific kind of hypnotism will have an indirect suggestion to the people’s mind as it uses the power of non- verbal cues more than verbal cues.

When convert hypnosis uses the power of verbal suggestion, it is likely hard to magnify. But when  it uses the non-verbal cues, the radar is very  high that it will not be very obvious to a certain person that he or she is under the power of it since the process is indirect. This is a picture-perfect in the art of mind control because you can alter the exact consciousness of their decisions and emotions. So, if you want people to do a thing that you want them to do, they cannot resist it because of their altered state of mind.

Another interesting use of covert hypnosis is that it can be very helpful in a crowded environment as you can control the actions of the whole. When this happens, people will look up to you and admire because you are such an authoritative figure that people will like to follow.

After reading this post, you will love to read more about hypnosis and then with my own article Mind Control – How Cults Recruit and Keep Members.

hyp Hypnotism that uses the non verbal cues

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