Power Of The Mind-Good or Evil

There are so many posts about how the government wants to use mind control or the military etc. There’s an interesting post over at nomorecensorship.com about this.

It seems that governments are always trying to find technology to control the masses and there are enough conspiracy theories out there to scare the dickens out of you. But there is always the old tried and true mind control techniques. These techniques use the power of the mind.

mind power

Is Mind Control Evil Magic

By using the power of the mind and understanding how it works you do not need big government budgets or fancy experiments to get people to do your bidding. So what is the power of the mind? Well, it’s understanding how the mind works.

With this understanding persuading people becomes fairly  simple. For example, when you say to someone imagine what it would be like to go on a date with me and as you imagine that now you easily become aware that you’re beginning to become even more excited about it aren’t you.

By telling someone to imagine something it’s almost impossible for them not to imagine it. Then we tie that imagining to becoming excited and presto we have someone who wants to go on a date with you. This is how we use the power of the mind to get people to do what we want.

It’s the elegant use of language that guides a person’s mind down the path we choose. This is a very powerful way to use mind control to persuade isn’t it.

After reading this post you obviously want to learn more and you can learn more by reading my article Power Mind-Unlocking its Mysteries for Your Benefit

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  1. Nishant says:

    Mind is very powerful tool , and if one really understands how it works,then persuading people to do what he wants would be cake walk.
    Really a very insightful and nice article.

  2. sanesh . avasthi says:

    With this blog, understanding persuading people becomes fairly simple. For example, you begin to become even more excited
    This is a very powerful way to use mind control to persuade,,, people about peace and , mind development ..

  3. tumpasagor says:

    Techniques of use the power of the mind is a great idea for me and learning this kind of power I am really interested to use it on my daily life.

  4. burke says:

    This article proves they have’nt succeded yet :)
    Seriously, this matter is so frightening, can’t imagine a world where goverments will control our minds…..

  5. biki says:

    I was searching for this type of article even your post helped me with providing some more information

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