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Mind Control

Control The Other Than Conscious Mind

Mind control is such an interesting topic and most people are content to talk about it as a way to get what you want from your own mind. A good example of this is over at freedomeducation.ca

While I use many of the mind control techniques I teach to benefit my own other than conscious mind and therefore improve my life, I learned about mind control in an effort to control the people around me. OK, I realize that how that sounds and to be candid I was (probably still am) a bit of a control freak.

And we control freaks want to control not just our own lives but everyone else around us. Probably because we don’t feel as if we have control of our own lives. Now, I personally have gotten much better control of my own life in as much as you have control of your life and now I just like to use mind control techniques for fun and business.

The power of the other than conscious mind allows me and if you so desire you do just that. Think about it like this…do you argue with your own ideas? I mean really think about it.

When an idea pops into your head do you resist it? Probably not. So what if I could get you to think of something and you thought it was your idea, would you resist it? Again, probably not.

That is how we use mind control to get other people to do what we want. We simply implant our ideas into their other than conscious mind and they think it was their idea to do what we suggested.

Pretty cool huh. After reading this post and replaying these ideas in your mind over and over again you obviously come to the conclusion to learn more by reading my article Power Mind-Unlocking its Mysteries for Your Benefit

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  1. mahfuza says:

    I think this article is very useful for everyone. we want to control our mind. but actually we can’t, if we learn to control ti then we can be more successful, more powerful….

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