Mind Control-How Cults Recruit And Keep Members

hypnosis mind control

I was recently reading a post over at blog.mindcontrol101.com about cult control and how cults gain control over people.

Cults use all sorts of mind control techniques to both recruit and keep new members. Charles Manson for example used hypnosis mind control techniques to control his followers. I do not believe he learned hypnosis mind control per se but he nonetheless used these techniques.

Most cults use some form of hypnosis mind control to recruit and control. The interesting thing is that most cult leaders naturally discover these techniques. But… just because they learned these techniques naturally does not mean you can’t learn them through study.

Most of these types of hypnosis mind control techniques are available for you to learn either at this site or others and their are many programs available to teach these hypnosis mind control techniques.

The main thing to remember is these hypnosis mind control techniques are simply a tool. The person using them has to have ethics. Cult leaders as a general rule have no ethics and therefore will use these techniques to gain followers.

You can use them to get people to do what you want. For example go on a date with you, have your boss give you a raise etc.

After reading this post you naturally want to learn more by reading my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think

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  1. kesly13 says:

    nice article! one thing i just want to add more that we have broken Mind Control up into a series of techniques that the cults use. Together these techniques make up Mind Control. two thumbs up for this article! :-)

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