Mind Control-Your Perception Is Your Reality

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What is Your Reality?

Let me ask you a question what is true and what is a lie? Can someone’s truth be someone elses lie? i recently read a post over at advertising.24wn.com claiming we are all controlled by our leaders and their lies.

Now I agree to an extent that much of the media IS designed to control us and create our reality. But, what is reality? Let me suggest that our reality is completely subjective. In other words what you believe is reality for you may be fantasy fro someone else.

If you ever saw the movie the matrix, when Neo was awoken from the matrix and brought int realty he was in total shock. The matrix was  form of mind control for the entire human race. Such can be said for our present media. They use mind control tactics too.

But again those mind control techniques are based on your reality. If you believe, for example, that everyone is out to manipulate you then obviously everything anyone says will have the undertones of manipulation. In fact if you believe that then obviously this post is designed to manipulate you.

So what am I manipulating you to do? How am I using mind control on you? What’s interesting is that simply asking you those questions is a form of mind control because it makes you think about what I’m doing?

Obviously if you’ve read this far you want to learn more and you can do that by reading my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want

Do you agree with me or disagree with me? Either way I dare you to post a comment below

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  1. Qamar Alam says:

    i really like this article. it is informative and psychological in nature.

  2. imran awan says:

    You’re so very right. It’s good to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand that they must be going through something bad to snap.

    I once had a customer rip me to shreds on the phone, and make me feel so small, but I could tell she was elderly, upset and after she put the phone down, I realised she must have been in pain.

    I was right, that poor lady was just so fed up with her world, that she just had to let it loose, and it just happened to be me. When she came in the showroom one day, we discovered we both loved dogs, and from then on we always talked about them and it cheered her up.

    It is hard sometimes to look on the bright side of things especially when they keep going wrong, but I always find that humour gets us through. We always try to see a funny side to things and that helps.

  3. Syed Rana says:

    Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything we Want, I agree this thing.

  4. ehima says:

    I agree to an extent that much of the media IS designed to control us and create our reality nice

  5. Tetch says:

    Very important article, talking about government control and media deception and lies is very important especially tv and it’s ability to mind control it’s audience, i loved this article it’s very important, thanks author.

  6. gary says:

    i had read various articles on mind control.i am a bit agree with them.you have the power to control others mind but for this you require great knowledge.i get lot of information from these articles.i must recommend this article to my friends.

  7. shamim says:

    this article is awesome. i am really impressed with this article. it shows mind control tactics and other important information.

  8. nosanosa says:

    mind control can be used as a therapy for some disease but it is too dangerous if it used in bad things

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