Mind Control-Are You Using It Without Your Knowledge?

hypnotic mind control

I recently came across a posting over at learnhypnosisonline.thecoverthypnosis.com of a video of mine about using hypnotic mind control without your knowledge.

Basically what the video is about is how we all use hypnotic mind control all the time. Most of us just don’t realize what we’re doing. Let me give you an example…

Have you ever been really upset about something maybe even to the point of crying? And someone in an effort to console you maybe squeezes your shoulder. What they are unwittingly doing is creating a trigger (anchor) that now whenever someone squeezes your shoulder in the same way will cause you to get upset and you will have no idea why.

In hypnosis and NLP and of course hypnotic mind control this is called an anchor. We use anchors all the time to get people to do what we want. You can install good anchors like feeling happy or motivated, etc. So as you can see people use hypnotic mind control all the time and never realize what they are doing. I believe if you are going to use mind control anyway you might as well learn how to do it effectively and with your own realization that your doing it.

After reading this post you naturally realize you become aware you want to discover more about this by reading my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think

Do you agree with me or disagree with me? Either way show me you’re alive and post a comment below

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  1. marvin says:

    yes i believe that controlling people can be studies specially the strategies but i also believe the natural power to control which is the charisma.

  2. brijesh agarwal says:

    i completely agree with what you have written here..i think its all about self belief to achieve this in life…understanding of this things is important aspect to control the mind

  3. bow says:

    I will say most people had used their hypnotic mind control once a while without realizing it, most of the time, it only exist in our subconscious domain that most of the people don’t realized or incapable to notice. It needs constant practice and training for a lay person to use this subtle part of our mind domain.

  4. Nic531 says:

    I believe many people are capable to use the mind control but they didn’t realize it. Again I am agree with the writer that sometimes we are using this mind control without our knowledge and the article above also proof that people are using the mind control without their knowledge!

  5. awan2good says:

    I also suggest that be knowledgeable before starting mind control You must learn how to do it effectively and with your own realization that your doing it.This article is very unique on mind control.

  6. mdsazzad says:

    this is very good article.I am much learn for this.thanks….

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