Power Of The Mind-Can Be Used On Others

Most posting  on the internet talk about the power of the mind to change the way you think like this one over at www.radicalmeme.com. But you can use the same basic techniques to program other people to do what you want.

mind power

Use Power Of The Mind On Others

The posting talks about the power of the mind being the conscious and unconscious mind. When  you program yourself you generally want to talk to your unconscious mind.

When you use the power of the mind to program someone else you do the same thing. You talk to their unconscious mind. The primary difference is how you do it.

When you are programming yourself you are conscious of what you are doing. I mean how can you program yourself and not know? You need to consciously tell your unconscious what you want so again hard to hide.

When you are programming someone else, you absolutely want to do it covertly. For example if you wanted to get someone to sleep with you and you were to try to program them by saying “Sleep with me now” it probably won’t work out. Their unconscious will get the message but so will their conscious and then they will have the ability to make their own choice.

When you speak covertly like “Did you ever allow yourself to decide to sleep with someone right in front of you…” assuming you are standing in front of them you are covertly telling them to decide to sleep with YOU. Now you have the chance to program them and they’ll never even notice.

That is the power of the mind.

Do you agree or disagree? Show me you’re alive and post a comment below

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  1. Mike says:

    We have a beautiful mind, but we don’t know how to use it….

  2. mehedi0191 says:

    some article really makes me impressive. it is one of them.it makes me undestand that how other can control our mind.now i am more concious about my mind.

  3. Marcos Milton says:

    I agree with you. It’s like when we want to convince a child to do something. In some way, we tell children to not to do what we really want them to do.

  4. Qamar Alam says:

    It is really nice one. i agree that the power of mind can be used on others as well as ourselves

  5. mohasin says:

    if we control the mind power then it will help us to know the other peoples and their problems this way we could help them.

  6. Military Money Maker says:

    I think there are also psychology tricks you can employ to take advantage of people’s minds. Like if you can figure out why they did something or feel a certain way.

  7. james says:

    I think that success depends on mind. So we should use the power of mind. Obviously, I am agree with you. Thanks

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