Mindcontrol – 2 Tips for More Powerful Mindcontrol

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How can you use mindcontrol even more effectively to influence others to do what you want? Simply use the following tips.

1) Attach emotions to the benefits you present.

This is a simple yet super effective mindcontrol tactic. You can apply it in a variety of different ways. You can readily use the “one thing you will like/love” pattern.

Let’s say that you are persuading a friend to go on a camping trip with you. You can say, “One thing you will love about being close to nature is that you will enjoy coffee made with perfectly fresh water every morning.”

Another effective mindcontrol method for attaching emotions to the thing you want the person to do is to ask him how he will feel about getting a certain benefit. Using the above example, you can say, “How happy will you be being close to nature and enjoying super fresh coffee every morning?”

2) Make ease one of the benefits.

This mindcontrol tip may sound a bit strange, but there is a valid reason for its use. The reality is that most of the things we do in our daily lives do not correspond to our values directly.

For instance, you will find it hard to come up with a benefit of cleaning the house all day long, unless the person’s main value is having a clean house. That is why you can attach ease to this action and make it its main benefit.

For instance, by cleaning the house quickly and effectively, the person will have more time to enjoy an outing. You can say, “By cleaning the house in an organized and swift manner, you will be able to focus on the more important things in your life and enjoy them.

Now you know how to make your mindcontrol persuasion even more powerful. Keep learning more with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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