Learn Mind Control – Focusing on the Thing You Want the Person to Do

enlightenment 150x150 Learn Mind Control   Focusing on the Thing You Want the Person to Do The actual action seems to be irrelevant provided that you can present an array of great benefits. However, you will only benefit, if you make the action more appealing as well.

The logical question is how you can achieve this when you learn mind control and apply it to get people to do what you want. One simple method is to compare the action you want the person to take with something ordinary that belongs to the same group.

Let me explain how this works in more detail. For example, a certain project is part of the work the person does for a living. Going to a certain club falls into the category of partying.

What you can do is to differentiate the two making the option you offer not only better, but unique as well. All you have to do is to use the “so much better than” pattern. It is super easy and simple to use even for those who still learn mind control.

Using the first of the above examples, you can say, “Doing project A is so much better than work.” Using the next example, you can say, “Going to club B is much more fun than partying.”

Notice how you easily create an interest in the thing you want the person to do. This gives you the opportunity to present the benefits in the best possible way. The person will be absolutely focused on what you are saying. You can readily get him into trance to make the effect even more powerful.

Now you know how to learn mind control and apply it more effectively using one simple technique. Keep learning more with my article Learn Mind Control- Get Things Done Your Way.

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