Power Mind – 2 Tips for More Effective Influencing

mind power 150x150 Power Mind   2 Tips for More Effective Influencing

In turn, it will play its role in the decision making process the person uses and you will have the person do what you want. Use the following tips to make the influencing better.

1) Use chunking down more abundantly and in greater detail.

Chunking down is all about giving examples of the benefits that the person will get from doing what you want. The more examples you give the better.

Let’s say that the main benefit the person will get in higher income. You can readily give a number of benefits he will get from this. He will be able to go on an exotic vacation, buy a new car and save more for his children’s college education.

As you know the power mind creates powerful pictures. All you have to do is to provide the basis for their creation.

2) Use cause and effect patterns to show the benefits the person will get more vividly.

You can lead the power mind into any direction with these patterns. That is why they are so effective.

You can use “the more, the more” pattern to show the person that he will enjoy a continuous benefit.

Using the above example, you can say, “The more you earn the better your lifestyle will become.” You can be even more specific and say, “The more money you make the more your stamp collection will grow.”

You can play with the person’s desires using the “this means that” pattern. For instance, you can say, “Your need for greater financial security means you are ready to do what it takes to earn a higher income.”

Notice how you automatically direct the person’s thoughts, desires and intentions.

Now you know how to influence the power mind more powerfully. Keep learning more with my article Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People.

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