Hypnotic Mind Control – An Effective Technique for Making Presuppositions

hypnosis induction 150x150 Hypnotic Mind Control   An Effective Technique for Making Presuppositions

There are many different techniques for making presuppositions and you may know the main ones involving time and space shifting. Now I will show you an equally effective technique that works beautifully, when used correctly.

You just need to use the pattern “Do you know of any other (thing, action) that will give you the same benefits?” In this case, no matter what the answer is, the person will truly accept that that the thing you want him to do will give him the benefits he expects.

Let me show you an example of how you can actually use this hypnotic mind control technique in a real life situation.

You want a friend to go to a party with you on Saturday evening. You can say to him, “Do you know of any other thing apart from going to a party that will give you fun time, nice company and full relaxation?”

Notice how the second part of the question starts with “a party that will give you”. You may pose the matter as a question, but in reality you are presenting the benefits the person will enjoy. Moreover, you are slipping in the embedded command, “going to a party”.

You may fear that the person will come with an alternative and reject your suggestion. This is highly unlikely in hypnotic mind control, as the person is in the state of trance. When you present the picture of the party and the enjoyment, he will imagine exactly this, so he will most likely answer “no” to your question.

Apply this technique and you will notice that it works flawlessly.

Now you know how to use an effective hypnotic mind control technique for making presuppositions. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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