Mind Control Techniques – Using Doubt for Mind Control

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Each technique that focuses on one aspect of the subconscious mind is useful for influencing. The ones I will show you know are based on doubt.

Let’s look at how doubt plays a role in persuasion first. It is usually irrational. If it weren’t, it would be a straightforward objection. People are hesitant about doing something because their inner voice or gut feeling tells them that things are not perfect.

You can use this to your advantage in two ways. If doubt is clearly expressed, you can apply one of the mind control techniques that focus on social proof. For instance, you can say, “Thousands of people have used this method to get benefit X and they have succeeded.”

You can readily replace “thousands of people” with an expert’s name or with the name of a person that your subject trusts and likes.

You can use another technique to plant doubts that will actually make the person do what you want. This one of the mind control techniques works in reverse. You have to make the person doubt that his goals (the benefits he wants) are only achievable if he does what you want.

Let’s take a look at an example of how this technique works. You are trying to make a colleague who wants to advance fast in his career to work on a special project with you. You can readily say to him, “No employee has got promoted without having worked on such a project.”

What you are doing here is casting doubt that he may not advance in his career, if he does not participate in your project. This is a really effective method for making a person do something without making direct persuasion.

Now you know how to use mind control techniques based on doubt. Keep discovering more in my article Mind Control Techniques-How to Easily Become A Master Of Influence.

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