How to Use Mind Control – 3 Tips for Effective Mind Control

mind control brain implant 11 How to Use Mind Control   3 Tips for Effective Mind Control The following tips are designed to help you with these tasks.

1) Learn more about the person’s values.

You may say that emotions, desires and beliefs are equally important for mind control. This is true, but the values are fundamental for coming up with the actual benefits the person will want to get from doing what you want.

You will always get to his core values when you are using chunking up. Furthermore, these are the ones that produce the most powerful benefits for persuasion.

For instance, if one of the person’s main values is the wellbeing of his pet, then you can readily use this to explain how he can make his pet better off by doing what you want. Such a benefit will not seem far fetched, if you know how to use mind control effectively.

2) Appeal to the person’s identity for building rapport.

This technique is simple and effective at the same time, so it is extremely useful even for novices who want to know how to use mind control.

You can readily use a pattern like, “I can tell you are intelligent/kind/hard-working.” You can also use something like, “You are not like most other pet owners. You are caring and loving as well as a lot of fun.” You can readily come up with other examples of these patterns and use them.

3) Use the person’s values to make him do what you want.

You can do this by using the first two tips. Identify the person’s values and then make a compliment. Using the example with the pet owner, you can say, “As a loving and caring pet owner, what do you really want doing X and having a healthy and happy dog or (an inferior alternative)?”

Now you know how to use mind control more effectively. Keep learning more with my article How To Use Mind Control To Get What You Want.

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