How to Mind Control – Giving Social Proof to Make Statements Believable

powerofsubconsciousmind 150x150 How to Mind Control   Giving Social Proof to Make Statements Believable

Those who know how to mind control use various psychological techniques for persuasion. One of them is giving people social proof. This is one of the factors that make mind control much more effective and ethical compared to manipulation.

How does social proof improve persuasion? Since we live in a society and we are taught to follow its norms from a very young age, we tend to do what others do. For instance, if a friend says something makes him happy or slimmer or more charming, you will certainly do it as well.

This is what those who know how to mind control use for persuasion. Provided that you say that the thing you want the person to do has actually produced benefits already, the person will be more likely to do it.

There are many different ways in which to use social proof for the purposes of persuasion. You can readily use a variety of techniques and patterns just like those who know how to mind control.

You can make a statement, but this technique usually involves being precise so that the statement is accepted.

For instance, saying “A lot of people have found relief with this remedy” does not sound very convincing. However, if you say, “97% of users have found relief using this remedy”, the statement is much more powerful and believable.

Another way in which you can make such statements more believable is to use an expert’s name or a famous person’s name. For instance, “Renowned physician Dr. X has endorsed this remedy.”

You can readily use questions to make social proof statements believable and easier to accept. You can ask, “How has this remedy helped thousands of people get relief?” You automatically make people accept that it has helped thousands.

Now you know how to mind control using social proof. Keep learning more with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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