Power Mind – How to Make Your Influence of the Power Mind More Powerful

power of mind 150x150 Power Mind   How to Make Your Influence of the Power Mind More Powerful

Power of Mind

The use of other people’s power mind is a fundamental aspect of mind control. You can readily make this influence more powerful. All you need is the right guidance and advice.

Use hypnosis to make the person that you want to influence visualize and experience the benefits of doing what you want. Use plenty of descriptive adjectives.

You can readily come up with an entire story as well. Stories are great tools to use because they reach and take over the power mind of any person easily. You can readily come up with a story in advance, if you know the person that you will influence well.

Figure out which representation system the person is using the most so that you can use powerful words related to it to influence him.

If the person uses his auditory perception system mostly, you can readily use words and phrases, such as “hear”, “listen” or “Does this ring any bells?” You can use these to make powerful suggestions, like “Can you hear the little voice in your head telling you to do this?”

Let the power mind do some of the work. It is sometimes difficult for you to come up with powerful words, stories and descriptions. In such cases, you can readily ask questions instead. You can readily ask questions like, “How happy will doing this make you feel?”

You can also use such questions to bring up a powerful memory and link it to the thing you want the person to do. For instance, you can ask, “When have you felt the happiest?”

Use metaphor to influence the mind. The person will get the meaning and will see an even more influencing picture in his mind.

Now you know how to influence the power mind more powerfully. Keep learning more with my article Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People.

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