Hypnotic Mind Control – How to Use People’s Sense of Time for Mind Control

mind control attract partne 150x150 Hypnotic Mind Control   How to Use Peoples Sense of Time for Mind Control

You get to influence the person basing your persuasion on the information the person gives.

In order to be able to follow and complete this give and take process, you need to be able to read even the coded information that people give you. The reality is that our critical mind poses restrictions on us to say what we have to and not what we feel most of the time.

That is why you have to use hints which are easily found in people’s speech so that you can influence them using hypnotic mind control. Such hints are readily provided by the tenses people use in their speech.

Let me give you some examples. If I say, “I want to do this”, this means I’m willing and motivated to do it now. If I say, “I would like to do this”, this means I am considering this as a future option that appeals to me, but something is preventing me from going for it now.

If I say, “I wanted to do this”, this means that I am now not considering this idea because I have accepted that I cannot do this thing, even if I want to.

Notice how much you can learn from just a simple sentence. Now the more important question is how to take advantage of your mind reading for the purposes of hypnotic mind control. All you have to do is to bring their desire to the present state.

A good line will be, “Now you are thinking about wanting to do X. May I ask you something?” This is a powerful pattern interrupt in its essence. You are reversing things to the present and focusing the person’s mind on the question you are about to ask.

Now you know how to read people’s mind and use this for hypnotic mind control. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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