How to Use Mind Control – How to Deal with Competing Alternatives

Mind Control1 150x150 How to Use Mind Control   How to Deal with Competing Alternatives

This is not always the case. Often, the person you are trying to influence has a range of other options that he can choose from.

It is often difficult to deal with these alternatives because they may be very similar to what you offer. While you suggest one thing, the person may think of quite a similar option, but not of what you offer.

What do you do in such cases? Those who know how to use mind control choose from two different approaches, depending on the situation on their own hunch as practitioners.

You can counter the competing alternatives by highlighting that yours is the best while all others are bad. You can do this by using comparative deletions. For instance, you can say, “Would you prefer high quality mind control training or a set of tips from an inexperienced practitioner?”

The other approach that those who know how to use mind control can opt for has to do with recommending the competition. What you have to do is to mention the alternatives the person has and to advise him to check them out.

The trick is to use different mind control techniques to present your opportunity as the best without saying anything bad about the other ones. For instance, you can use a line with presupposition like, “After checking out all other alternatives, you will come to see that this option is the best.”

This option is a bit trickier, so you have to be prepared to use it. Research the alternatives and come up with a set of criteria that your option meets and the other ones do not. Then have the person apply the criteria to choose yours.

Now you know how to use mind control to combat competing alternatives. Keep learning more with my article How to Use Mind Control – It Has Application in Every Social Situation.

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