Power Mind – How to Deal with Alternatives in Persuasion

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However, many, especially novices, fail to provide for another danger – alternatives.

What you offer might be great and the person may not have a reason to say “no”. However, he may be considering other options that the thinks are equally good or even better.

How do you influence the power mind in such cases? The answer to this question can be formulated like this – by showing no gray area. What you have to do is to present your option as the only good one and all the rest as not good.

The problem is that by mentioning the alternative and saying it is bad, the person will automatically think of this alternative. It is like telling a person not to think about something. He will automatically imagine it when you mention it.

That is why you have to make the negative alternative a general one. By assuming every alternative is bad, you can make a general statement. There are a number of techniques for influencing the power mind based on this principle.

One of them is to define the thing you want the person to do as the better alternative to everything in its category.

Let’s say that you want a friend of yours to go to the gym with you. You can say to him, “Would you rather go to the gym or just exercise?”

In this way, you can show how much better going to the gym is. More importantly, this is a double bind, so even if he says he wants to exercise, you can readily convince him that he can exercise at the gym.

Now you know more about countering alternatives when influencing the power mind. Keep learning more with my article Power Mind-Doing Mind Mapping.

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