Mind Control – 3 Misconceptions about Mind Control

CIA MIND CONTROL MKULTRA 150x150 Mind Control   3 Misconceptions about Mind Control

The number of misconceptions regarding this method for persuasion is huge, so it is essential to clarify at least the most common ones.

By understanding the true idea behind mind control and its works, you will be able to learn it and practice it more effectively. You will not have the psychological burden that you may be caught doing something wrong to an “innocent” person.

1) It is telepathy.

Mind control is not about having your thoughts get into someone’s mind by looking at the person. It is about communicating to a person at a subconscious level, but it involves speech and the use of language forms that we use every day.

In fact, the only way in which you can apply this method for persuasion is through conversation.

2) It is deception.

There is no deception of any kind when this method for persuasion is applied. You are simply explaining to the person the benefits he will get from doing what you want. You are appealing to his identity, values, beliefs and desires so that he can agree to do what you want.

I should point out that true practitioners never lie. Lying to a person may make him do what you want, but sooner or later he will realize that he was lied to. In turn, you will never be able to persuade him effectively again.

3) It is manipulation.

You are not manipulating the person. You are persuading him. This means that you show him all the facts. It is true that you show the facts from a certain point of view, but this is what we all do all the time.

You are not forcing the person to take any decision in any way.

Now you know what the fundamentals of mind control are. Keep discovering more with my article Mind Control-Easy Tips on To Make It Simple.

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