Mindpower of the Mind – An Effective Method for Influencing It

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Now I will introduce you to a seemingly unconventional psychological technique that is particularly useful for mind control. It works extremely well, provided that you understand its essence and learn how to use it.

This technique for influencing the mindpower of the mind is called selectional restriction violation. Despite its complex name, it is actually quite simple to apply. It is all about allowing objects to have thoughts and feelings when you speak to the person.

Why is this useful? This technique works for one particular reason. Even though the mindpower of the mind is powerful, we tend to conceal the natural “urges” produced by it to feel one way or other. When this happens, it is much harder for us to get from one emotional state to another.

This is where the selectional restriction violation comes in. I’ll show you a number of examples of its use so that you see how it works exactly.

Let’s say that you want to make a friend of yours feel happy, but he is upset about something that has recently happened. Instead of saying to him, “Feel happy”, you can say, “Sit in this happy chair.”

If you are in sales and you offer a discount deal to customers, you can use a line like, “Make your wallet happy” or “Make your bank account cheer.”

By using such suggestions, the positive emotion is automatically transferred onto the person and he gets in the desired state of mind.

In much the same way, you can say, “Your much loved car screams it wants new tires” when you want to make a person change the tires on his car. This is a powerful suggestion as well.

Now you know another effective technique for influencing the mindpower of the mind. Keep discovering more with my article Power of the Mind-Moving People In Any Direction You Desire.

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