Learn Mind Control – Using Social Positions for Mind Control

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. The same is applicable to the person’s social position. You can use this for the purposes of persuasion.

There are different ways, in which you can use social positions when you learn mind control. All of them are effective for persuasion.

The simple tactic is to explain to the person how he will gain a higher social status because of doing what you want. You do not have to come up with a certain position that he can take, such as becoming a leader in a group.

All you have to do is just come up with a line like, “Imagine how much more everyone will respect you after having done X and accomplished Y.” In this case, higher social status is hinted and it comes as the benefit of the benefit Y, but it is still very powerful.

The other method in which you can use the social status of a person is to make him make commitments based on it. You need to define the social position of the person and then ask him to confirm it. This is easy when you learn mind control.

For instance, you can say, “You are a highly educated professional.” Then you can give this group a specific characteristic that has to do with what you want the person to do. For instance, “All highly educated professionals use method A for quantitative analysis to achieve optimal results.”

Then you simply have to ask, “You are a highly educated professional who wants to achieve optimal results, aren’t you?” Making the embedded command will be just a formality after this.

Now you know how to learn mind control and practice it more effectively using social positions. Keep learning more with my article Learn Mind Control- Get Things Done Your Way.

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