How to Use Mind Control – Using People’s Instinct for Self-Preservation

images 2 How to Use Mind Control   Using Peoples Instinct for Self Preservation

If you want to know how to use mind control masterfully, you have to always ask yourself what people want the most. One of the things everyone strongly wants is to be safe and protected from all possible perils. You can use this to influence people to do what you want.

Basically, you can use people’s instinct for self-preservation, just like the people who know how to use mind control. There are different techniques that you can exploit to give this instinct a main role in the decision making process.

You can readily hypnotic language patterns. They are particularly effective for making the person imagine the real danger.

Let’s say that you are a salesperson selling sunscreen. You can say to the prospect, “Imagine you are lying on the beach sunbathing and enjoying the light breeze. Nothing wrong can happen. But what if you get sunburn?”

What you are doing here is disrupting the picture, the state the person wants to be in. You do not need to explain all about the sunburn, as the person can see the consequences himself. Then you simply have to offer your product as a solution to restoring the desired state of mind.

Another pattern to use is the “how safe” pattern. Using the example above, you can say, “How safe is your skin when exposed to the sun without any protection?” You do not have to wait for the prospect customer to give you the answer. You can readily illustrate the dangers.

Those who know how to use mind control apply these techniques vary carefully. This is necessary since you do not want to scare the person too much. After every negative fact or presupposition, you have to describe the individual benefits the person will get from doing what you want.

Now you know how to use mind control and people’s instinct for self-preservation. Keep learning more with my article How to Use Mind Control – It Has Application in Every Social Situation.

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