Mindpower of the Mind – Using People’s Fears to Influence their Power Mind

Mind Power Mindpower of the Mind   Using Peoples Fears to Influence their Power Mind

It is based on the person’s values, beliefs and emotions as well as on his behavior and environment. The reality is that not all of these are positive and you can use this to your advantage.

Every person has fears which are natural. We fear loss and rejection as well as plenty of other things, but these are the most common ones. The idea here is not to make the person you want to influence even more scared and desperate. Quite the opposite, you have to give him a solution.

Imagine you find a method for making a lot of money on a daily basis. Then you will not be afraid about financial losses and the future of your loved ones. In turn, you will be 100 per cent willing and motivated to use this method no matter what.

This is example is a bit far-fetched, but it illustrates the idea behind the technique for influencing the mindpower of the mind. Basically, you have to give this powerful engine some fuel to get it started working in your favor.

The first thing you need to do in order to implement this technique is to find out what the person is afraid of exactly. You have to find a fear that relates to the thing you want the person to do, at least remotely. This is the basis for influencing the mindpower of the mind.

Then you have to present the solution. It is important that you do not refer to the fear the person has, as this will elicit negative emotions. You just have to show the person the benefits as you usually do. Show him exactly the opposite picture.

Now you know another method with which you can influence the mindpower of the mind. Keep learning more with my article Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People.

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