Mindcontrol – Why You Should Ask Questions in Mindcontrol

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Some people think of mindcontrol as a technique similar to traditional hypnosis. You have a person in front of you and you do some conjuring to make him do what you want.

This is certainly not the case. In order to influence someone powerfully, you need to have a conversation with him. You can use a variety of techniques that are based on conversational hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.

Many of these mindcontrol techniques involve asking questions. In fact, questions can be used in many different ways to influence people. I will show you just the main ones.

Let’s look at the idea behind mindcontrol first. What you have to do is to take the person from an initial state, usually a negative one, to a positive state, the one you want the person to be in.

However, sometimes the person does not want to change states. In this case, you can use questions to plant doubts. You can readily ask a question like, “How safe/secure/happy/successful are you now?”

This is just a basic example, but you can elaborate on it to suit it to any situation. Just remember that in mindcontrol you need to ask an open ended question, at least most of the time.

In much the same way, you can ask the person what state he wants to be in. Just ask a question like, “How do you want to feel right now?” or “What do you ultimately want to get now?” You will be able to use the answer to persuade the person to do what you want.

You can also use questions to make embedded commands directly. When you want the person to do something, you can readily ask him when he will do it. In this way, you are presupposing that he will, so you can expect the desired result.

Now you know why and how to ask questions for mindcontrol. Keep learning more with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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