Mind Control-How It’s Mis-Understood

I recently read an interesting post over at timesupblog.blogspot.com. And it talks about how women are being controlled by men, primarily abusive men. Now please understand I agree that men (and women) can manipulate and subjugate their spouse, girlfriend etc. using abusive tactics. But…


I also believe that mind control can be a win-win if used ethically. One of my concerns in this post is the explanation of how disassociation is used and/or created. The writer explains that disassociation is caused by overloading the mind through abuse and again that is true but it is not the primary or only way to cause disassociation.

Basically, disassociation is stepping outside of your primary state. For example, if you’re depressed about being fired that is a primary state. If you are angry that you are depressed about being fired that is  disassociated state. You are no longer in the primary state of being depressed but angry about a state.

This can be very trance inducing and dangerous. What I find interesting is the author explains that disassociation can be trance like but never even mentions that psychologists and therapists do this all the time and then leave you completely disassociated.

For example when you visit a therapist and you say “I’m depressed” and they say to you “Well, how does that make you feel” and you say “well, angry” and they say ” how does being angry about being depressed make you feel” Then they’ll tell you how your making progress and to come back next week.

So they disassociate you a number of times and leave you there. But since they’re therapists it’s OK and not abusive?  Come on now! It’s worse than the abusive boyfriend because they should know better!

Now you can use disassociation to cause trance and manipulate someone. Always remember to bring them back to their primary state.

After reading this post you obviously want to learn more by reading my article Mind Control-Get People To Do Whatever You Want

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  1. Chemal says:

    hmmmmmmmmm intersting topic. learn and got lot of ideas about Mind Control-How It’s Mis-Understood. and thank you for sharing valuable information with us.

  2. bow says:

    For most people, the primary reaction after a shocking or tragic event is primarily having symptom of depression. But for some, they will develop into secondary stage known as Disassociation with emotional outburst like angry. That is a part that is dangerous and can be subjected to abuses by a manipulative boyfriend or husband if not checked; but shouldn’t be construed as an original mind control technique that normally is used to extract positive outcome by trained therapists during their professional practices.

  3. nataferoz says:

    I am just learn a good and the best mind control method by read the above article. Now i am in great interest to learn more about Mind Control.

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