Power Of The Mind-Using Subliminal Messages

power of the mind

Subliminal Messaging-Does It Really Work?

One technique of mind control is using subliminal messages to implant your suggestions. A great picture of this is over at www.firetown.com. The video is OK but the picture before the video starts is excellent.

Now if you’re easily offended by pornographic type displays (there is not pornography in the post but it is extremely subliminally suggestive!) you may not want to check it out.

The picture is highly suggestive and extremely covert. Not one single naked person, no one having sex but the positioning of the people and their bodies is SO suggestive it is impossible not to be affected buy it.

This is mind control at it’s finest. If you are trying to get someone to think about sex I  can almost guarantee this picture will do the trick and again, not one naked person not a single couple having sex. Just suggestive positioning of the bodies.

You can accomplish much of the same thing using mind control for almost anything you want. Through the use of language, gestures, pictures and a persons imagination you can guide them to almost any conclusion you want.

Such is the power of the mind and once you learn how to use it you will be on your way to  controlling your world and the people in it.

After reading this post you obviously realize you want to learn more by reading my article Power of the Mind-Moving People In Any Direction You Desire

Agree or Disagree? Either way prove you’re alive and post a comment below I double dog dare you!

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  1. S Sarkar says:

    The topic subliminal message is something new to me though I have faced such a situation before without knowing the cause behind it. Very interesting article.

  2. nataferoz says:

    Power Of The Mind-Using Subliminal Messages, I think by apply this method on me i can control my mind. I also want to discuss this with my friends for awake them about mind control.

  3. Mike says:

    I read somewhere that subliminal messages have been used by some company as a marketing technic

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