Hypnotic Mind Control – The Use of Different Tenses in Hypnotic Mind Control

mind control hypnotic conditioning 150x150 Hypnotic Mind Control   The Use of Different Tenses in Hypnotic Mind Control

That is why every aspect of speech and language and of non-verbal communication can help you in hypnotizing people to get what you want from them. This is applicable to tenses as well.

The present tense is particularly useful for making embedded commands, when applying hypnotic mind control. Instead of saying, “You will do X”, saying “Do X”, is much more effective as it is more straightforward and prompts the person to act.

Of course, you should not use the command directly, but embed it in a sentence, such as “Do X to get benefits Y and Z.”

Using the present perfect tense is particularly effective for leading. This is applicable to the past tense as well provided that you use a timeline.

When you use these tenses, the technique is called past pacing. It is particularly effective for hypnotic mind control because it allows you to make only absolutely true and verifiable statements.

The future perfect tense is the right tense to use when relying on presuppositions to make embedded commands. You should use it in combination with the future tense so that your hypnotic suggestion makes perfect sense.

One good example of the use of these tenses is “You will feel great/happy/relaxed, after having done X.” You can see how we suppose that the person will do X and how we manage to add the benefit to the command as well.

There are less straightforward ways in which you can use the different tenses to influence a person in a state of hypnosis. For example, you can use the present perfect tense to move a negative emotion or action to the past.

You can do this by using a line like, “You have felt less confident, haven’t you?” In this way, you show that this is a past action now.

Now you know how to apply hypnotic mind control more effectively. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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