Mind Control Techniques – A Technique for Countering Objections

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What do you do in this case? You use a technique that will allow you to counter the objection.

The one I will show you now is a combination of a special pattern and another one of the most effective mind control techniques.

As a start, you have to use the agreement pattern “I agree and”. This agreement will automatically “disarm” the person. He will assume that you are agreeing with him and that there is nothing more that he can say, so he will focus his attention on the next thing you will say.

It is a good idea to use the person’s exact words when applying the agreement pattern. However, in some cases, you may want to adopt a more subtle language, especially if you have to agree with a serious fault.

For instance, instead of saying, “I agree the price is too high”, a salesperson can say, “I agree the investment is considerable.”

The next part of this one of the mind control techniques involves using the hierarchy of values of the person. You should have got an idea about them in advance. Basically, you have to show the person that doing what you want corresponds to higher values than the alternative.

You have to ask a question of the type, “Which is more important to you, getting benefits X, Y and Z or the alternative?” Let me show you an example to illustrate the idea.

Using the above example, you can say, “I agree the investment is considerable and let me ask you this. Which is more important to you, using a high quality product that allows you to save money and boost productivity or saving money now and spending more in the future?”

Now you know how to use another one of the many mind control techniques. Keep discovering more in my article Mind Control Techniques-How to Easily Become A Master Of Influence.

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