Mind Control – Apply Anchors to Yourself for Success

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The person you are trying to influence during a conversation is not like a dummy that you can experiment on. You have to be certain that the techniques you apply on the person have been tested and proven to work.

This is particularly applicable to anchors. As I have said many times before, there are some general anchors, but most are individual. In addition, the fact that such an emotional stimulus works for a huge number of people does not mean that it will work for the person you are trying to influence.

Given all this, you need to find a solution that will allow you to use mind control anchors effectively most of the time. One great solution is for you to apply these to yourself first.

Just come up with a set of anchors that you think can work universally. These can be visual, auditory and kinesthetic. For instance, a mother hugging her child can be a great visual emotional stimulus that creates a sense of safety, love and comfort. Experiment with this anchor on yourself first.

The great thing about auditory emotional stimuli is that they are readily available. You can experiment with different whistle sounds. You should definitely experiment with different types of music as well. For example, some scientific studies have suggested that classical music makes people feel relaxed.

Kinesthetic anchors are the most convenient to use, when applying mind control on people. Patting a person on the shoulder or leaning towards him can elicit different emotions. Try to see how such stimuli work on you. This will allow you to get creative and come up with new ones.

Now you know about the importance of applying anchors onto yourself for the purposes of mind control. Keep learning more with my article Mind Control-Easy Tips on To Make It Simple.

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