Mindcontrol – The Use of Quantifiers in Mindcontrol

mind control tests 150x150 Mindcontrol   The Use of Quantifiers in Mindcontrol

Mindcontrol is used in many human activities and aspects of life. Those who are unaware of its existence believe that there is no way in which seemingly plain words and phrases can be used for effective persuasion. This is certainly not the case.

Let’s look at this simple line, “A lot of people are now booking their summer vacation.” This is a really plain sentence and there is nothing special about it. However, the mindcontrol practitioner does not see it that way.

In fact, this is a great line that can be used for super effective persuasion. This is because it uses quantifiers. In this case, the quantifier is “a lot of people”. It can be effectively replaced by similar phrases, such as, “many experts”, “successful professionals” and “90% of women”.

Our mind is used to following the crowd. If a lot of people do something or if those who are in a position of authority do something, then it must be beneficial for us too. In turn, we are more willing to accept the following suggestion. In our mindcontrol example it is “booking their summer vacation.”

It now turns out that the seemingly simple line is an effective mindcontrol pattern. How do you know it works? Just look at one of the numerous advertisements you see every day and you will get the idea. Most ads show you an example that you have to follow.

In general, quantifiers can be used effectively in any situation in which you need to apply mindcontrol. There is another twist of the technique, which is successfully adopted by advertisers and salesperson. You can readily use it yourself as well.

Instead of using a quantifier, you can name a specific person who is an authority on the matter. For instance, “Expert X uses product Y every day.”

Now you know how to use another effective mindcontrol technique. Keep discovering more in my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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