Learn Mind Control – An Effective Pattern Interrupt Technique

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You are certainly familiar with pattern interrupts and their use. Now you will learn another effective technique for making pattern interrupts.

Let’s go over the idea of pattern interrupts first. Their purpose is to get the person you want to influence in a state of trance.

They are designed to break a pattern of thinking that a person is using. In fact, this is their main purpose. Basically, the idea is to take the person’s attention from one subject and put it on another one. You will see how valuable this is, as you learn mind control.

Usually, pattern interrupts are sudden and unexpected actions or words that can easily confuse a person and get them into a state of trance. However, you can use another equally effective technique.

You can use a very complex sentence with a confusing meaning. The more complex the sentence is the better the effect will be.

For instance you can say, “Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for personal realization that you are giving me in this very special moment and for the fact that you have realized potential for achieving growth.” This is just an example, but you can easily see the idea behind it.

Just remember that it is not particularly easy to come up with such complex sentences quickly. As you learn mind control, your skills will grow, but for the time being, you may want to practice extensively in order to get the desired results.

You can readily come up with your own script that you can use. This is an effective solution, provided that you can create a pattern interrupt that is generally valid.

Now you can learn mind control and practice it using another effective technique. Keep learning more with my article Learn Mind Control- Get Things Done Your Way.

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