What is Considered Mind Control?

hypnotic mind control

This question recently came up in my mind when I read a post over at www.trustbloger.com about mind control. In the post he talks about a Cialdini principle of asking for a smaller request after someone rejects a larger one.

Let me give you an example first. Let’s say you want to borrow you’re friends van to move some equipment. Let’s also say for the purpose of this example you’re friend has a brand new Ferarri. To make the above principle work you’d ask your friend to borrow his new Ferrari.

When he says no you’d then ask to borrow the van, a much lesser request than borrowing his brand new car right? He is much more likely to give into the second request according to Cialdini.

So my question is…would that be considered mind control? Most of the time I consider mind control to be using covert hypnotic techniques and talking to a person’s unconscious mind. But…

At the same time mind control can be considered manipulation or persuasion. So using the Cialdini principle above to get someone to do what you want probably should be considered mind control.

Before you answer that you probably want to read my article Mind Control-Get People To Do Whatever You Want

Do you agree or disagree? Show me you’re alive and post a comment below

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  1. S Sarkar says:

    Very interesting discussion..We, almost everyone are actually doing this in our daily life without knowing the logic behind it. Thanks for pointing out.

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