How to Mind Control – Doing Mind Control Using Time Frames

subconscious mind control 1 150x150 How to Mind Control   Doing Mind Control Using Time Frames

In some cases, all you can do is sit and wait. However, it is perfectly possible for you to set a time frame and make the person accept it.

As a start, you have to show the person that he needs to act timely. You can do this by using a really simple and effective technique. All you have to ask is, “How long have you had this problem for?” You can also ask, “How long has this been bothering you for?”

In general, you have to make the person realize that his problem is persistent. You can also use emotions to urge his actions. In order to do this you can ask, “How angry/upset/worried/stressed out are you about this problem?”

Now that you have built tension and a sense of urgency, you can get to the actual patterns that will make the person act quickly. Those who know how to mind control use a variety of different patterns.

You can readily use the simplest possible pattern and ask, “How soon/fast/quickly do you want to get this benefit?” In order to use this pattern, you have to have described the benefit thoroughly. If you know how to mind control, you should be able to get the person into trance and make him experience all benefits.

Another effectively pattern is to make a statement like, “Acting now will get you the benefit by tomorrow/next week/specific date.” Just remember that you have to replace “acting now” with the actual action that you want the person to take.

Now you know how to mind control with the use of time frames. Keep learning more on the subject with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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