Hypnotic Mind Control – How to Make Hypnotic Induction More Effective

The success of hypnotic mind control depends on the ability of the hypnotist to explain and describe the benefits the other person will get from doing what the hypnotist wants. This task may seem simple, but it actually requires quite a lot of skill and creativity.

The best way to induce a person into a state of trance is to use a trance word/phrase, such as “imagine”, “what if” and “see yourself”. From then on you have to describe the benefits the person will get from doing what you want as vividly as possible.

Description is the main thing you have to work on to make hypnotic mid control more effective. There are two main ways in which you can describe more effectively the benefits you want the person to understand and actually experience in his mind.

The first method is to describe the experience step by step. Let’s say that you want to make your coworker work overtime and the benefit he will eventually get is a pay raise.

You can readily say to him, “Imagine going to the manager’s office and hearing all these superlatives for your work from him. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction and pride you experience when he tells you how much you will make from now on.’

This is just an example, but you certainly get the idea. You have to use a lot of verbs to highlight the action.

The other method to make a more powerful description for the purposes of hypnotic mind control is to use as many adjectives as possible. You can readily focus on describing objects, but it is best to describe the person’s emotions in greater detail.

If you have to describe objects for some reason, make comparisons so that each adjective corresponds to an emotion. For instance, the red balloon is like a heart beating with excitement.

Now you know how to make your hypnotic mind control induction more powerful. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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