Mind Control Techniques – Using Group Mentality to Influence People

All effective mind control techniques are developed on the basis of human psychology and on our core desires, values and beliefs. One of our core desires is to belong to an exclusive group based on his mentality. You can use this to your advantage when influencing people to do what you want.

Think about the significance of mentality groups in our lives. Every employee wants to be among the top performing employees. Every parent wants to be among the best parents. These are just simple general examples, but they are sufficient to illustrate the main idea.

What you have to do is to exploit the desire to belong to an exclusive group. This is what this one of the mind control techniques is all about. There are a number of ways in which you can use it.

You can describe the situation straightforwardly with a statement. You can say, “Every top professional uses method X (the thing you want the person to do) to succeed.” Similarly, you can say, “All loving mothers help their children do the homework.”

Another way, in which you can use this one of the mind control techniques, is to actually present the person as belonging to this elite group. In this case, you will create both satisfaction and a sense of responsibility, so your persuasion will be even more effective.

Using the second example given above, you can come up with a line like, “As a loving mother, you should help your children with their homework.”

Another method you can apply is to twist things around the bit and show the negative side. You have to show the person you want to influence how much he does not want to be in a non-exclusive group.

For instance, you can say, “Do you want to belong to the group of uncaring parents who do not provide support to their children?”

Now you know how to use three different mind control techniques coming from a single one. Keep discovering more in my article Mind Control Techniques-Employed by Successful Salesmen.

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