Mind Control – The Role of the Critical Mind

The idea behind mind control is to influence the subconscious mind. In this way, you can make a person make a decision based on his emotions, desires values and beliefs. The more spontaneous this decision is, the more likely the person is to act upon it.

Given all this, it is natural for you to ask what the critical mind does in this situation. If you are an experienced practitioner, you will be able to put the critical mind “at rest”. You will be able to prevent the person from analyzing the situation, the action you want him to take and the benefits he will get.

However, even the best mind control practitioners do not manage to do all the time. That is why it is always a good idea for you to be prepared to influence the critical mind as well. This part of the mind processes and analyzes pure facts, so they are your main tool here.

You can use all sorts of facts that support your claim. Some examples include, “Expert A says doing X is good for you”, “All intelligent people/successful professionals/do X to get benefit Y” and “No person has ever got benefit Y without doing X.”

These claims not only give “food for thought” to the crucial mind. They allow you to influence the subconscious one even better. The third pattern for example shows that doing X is the only thing that the person can do to get the benefit he wants.

In turn, he can create a map in his mind that he is willing and ready to follow. This will certainly make him act the way you want.

There is one important thing that you need to remember when using facts in mind control. They have to be absolutely verifiable.

Now you know how to exercise more powerful mind control. Keep discovering more on the subject in my article Mind Control- Using It In Sales and for Your Overall Well-being.

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