How to Use Mind Control – A Technique to Make Persuasion More Effective

power subconscious mind 150x150 How to Use Mind Control   A Technique to Make Persuasion More Effective

In this way, they can use these techniques in different ways in different kinds of social situation.

You can have this too. As a start, you can learn to use the following technique. Those who know how to use mind control use it widely and with great success.

The idea behind it is that a lot of people do not realize why they want certain benefits. They are driven by their inner emotions, desires, values and beliefs, but they cannot understand how deeply these influence their decisions.

Why is this important for you, as a mind control practitioner? If you make a person realize how strongly he wants something, it will be much easier for you to persuade him to get it by doing what you want.

Now that you understand the idea behind it, I can introduce the actual technique. You simply have to use the pattern, “Why did you become concerned about (interested in) getting benefit X?”

The two variations of the pattern are equally effective and used abundantly by those who know how to use mind control, but they allow you to achieve slightly different things. If you use “concerned about”, you will create a sense of urgency and need.

If you use “interested in”, you will learn more about the desires and emotions of the person allowing him to feel comfortable in the situation.

As the person gives you the answer to your question, he will realize the great importance of getting benefit X. You can also use this answer to make your direct influencing more effective by reminding him of what he has said.

You have just learned how to use mind control and apply an effective pattern. Keep learning more with my article How to Use Mind Control – It Has Application in Every Social Situation.

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