Hypnosis Mind Control – Using Pacing and Leading More Extensively

mesmer 150x150 Hypnosis Mind Control   Using Pacing and Leading More Extensively

Pacing and leading can give you a logical and coherent change of states any time. That is why this technique is so effective for influencing people to do what you want.

The really great thing about the pacing and leading technique is that you can use it even more extensively than you think. I’ll show you how to use this hypnosis mind control technique in different modifications.

You can readily choose from past pacing and immediate pacing. Both of these are effective in different situations.

When you want to elicit an emotion or an immediate response to the present situation, you can use immediate pacing. This modification of the technique is really easy to apply in any given situation. This is because you have to pace using statements that are feasible at the moment.

You can readily say to a person, “You are sitting on a comfortable chair. You are looking out the window. You can see children playing outdoors.” Your pacing is really effective because the person is actually experiencing these things at this very moment.

Past pacing is a more subtle hypnosis mind control technique. This is because you have to be absolutely certain that the things you mention have happened to the person before. If you have the right amount of certainty, you can readily use this technique to create a sense of strong need for the solution you are offering.

For instance, you can say, “You have been trying hard to accomplish the thing you want. You have done X. You have done Y.” Now you can lead with the line, “Now you can do X to accomplish what you want.”

Now you know how to use two different modifications of pacing and leading to apply hypnosis mind control. Keep expanding your knowledge on the subject with my article Hypnosis Mind Control- How to Make People Act the Way You Want.

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