Mindpower of the Mind – Asking Questions for Visualization

The idea behind mind control is to influence the mindpower of the mind, the secret engine that drives us forward based on our emotions, values and beliefs.

This part of the mind (brain) works best when the critical mind is not working. That is why your first task is to eliminate the work of the critical mind. This is done by getting the person into a state of trance, an altered state of consciousness.

Getting a person into a state of trance is relatively easy. You have to use a calm and relaxing voice and a trance word, preferably “imagine”. Just remember that you have to have built rapport with the person first.

You certainly know how to continue in order to influence the mindpower of the mind. You have to make the person experience a positive emotion related to the thing you want him to do. The reality is that you can do this by asking questions.

This is not a method in traditional hypnosis, but it is widely used in hypnotic mind control. What you have to do is ask about a memory of experiencing the same emotion. Then you simply need to guide the person to imagining every aspect of this particular memory.

I’ll give you an example to show you how this technique works. Let’s say that you want a friend of yours to go camping with you, but he does not want to. You are trying to convince him that camping will make him feel relaxed.

You can readily say to him, “Imagine what it is like to feel super relaxed. When have you felt absolutely relaxed?”

This is the pattern you have to use first when trying to influence the mindpower of the mind in this way. It is important for you to keep asking more questions so that the person can re-experience this memory fully.

Now you know how to influence the mindpower of the mind more effectively. Keep learning more with my article Power of the Mind-Moving People In Any Direction You Desire.

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