Mind Control Tactic-Pacing

What exactly is pacing? Well that depends on who you listen to. For example over at www.grandonk.com theytalk about rapport and pacing as copying someone’s body language.

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Access The Mind Using Pacing Techniques

Yes that is a form of pacing but it is not pacing. Pacing is copying someones body language, there voice tone, speed and language among other things. The idea of pacing is to get the other person to unconsciously or subconsciously think “hey, this person is like me”

When someone believes you are like them they are more open to listening to you, trusting you and therefore doing what you want. You can pace someone by simply repeating back to them exactly what they said. For example…

If someone were to say to you “The best way to make money is in an MLM Network opportunity” you could say “I understand you think the best way to make money is in an MLM Network opportunity”.

When you say it that way it doesn’t sound weird or like you’re mimicking them. And it still allows you to pace them. Using verbal pacing can be extremely effective because it not only builds rapport it can also be very trance inducing, which, also allows you to slide your commands in and get the accepted.

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