Mindcontrol – Using Commitments People Have Made

mindcontrol 150x150 Mindcontrol   Using Commitments People Have Made


The key to success in mindcontrol is to base your persuasion on the emotions, values and beliefs of the person. That is why commitments are so useful. When a person commits to an idea, he will follow his commitment, because not doing so will create an emotional disturbance in him.

This is what you have to use, when you apply mindcontrol. The idea here is to make a person make a commitment and then remind him of it. The important thing is for the commitment to be made in connection to the thing you want the person to do.

Let’s say that you are trying to make the person you live with help you clean the house. You can readily ask him, “Do you want to live in a clean comfortable house?” The answer to this question is obviously “yes.”

Then you can readily go on and explain the benefits he will get from living in a clean house. You can even get the person into trance, using the main hypnotic mindcontrol techniques.

Then you have to implement the second part of the pattern. You have to say something like, “You truly want to live in a clean house. What better way to enjoy all the benefits from having a clean house than to clean it yourself?”

You can see how it is very difficult for the person to say “no” to this suggestion. In him mind, he knows that he wants to have a clean house and now that he has made a commitment, he cannot break this promise to himself and to you.

This mindcontrol technique is a bit manipulative, so you should use it only after building strong rapport with the person. In addition, remember not to force the person to do the thing, you want. Just remind him of his commitment impartially.

Now you know how to use another effective mindcontrol technique. Keep learning more with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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