How to Mind Control – How to Create Anchors

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You want to know how to mind control. The reality is that it is easier than you think even though you will have to work hard for getting the results you want. Now I will show you how to create anchors instead of using ready ones, so that you can use mind control more effectively.

The best way to create an anchor, an emotional cue, is to use convert hypnosis. Basically, you have to use the main hypnotic mind control techniques.

You need to build rapport with the person first. Then you have to make the person imagine a picture that can be an action or an object and bind this anchor to some emotion.

For instance, you can make the person imagine seeing a loved one, when you want to elicit happiness. Similarly, you may want him to imagine a pristine beach, when you want to make him feel relaxed.

If you want to know how to mind control effectively, you may try to create anchors with precise objects. For example, if you want to make someone feel relaxed and liberated, you may make him imagine a bright yellow balloon flying in the sky. This is trickier but you can readily use this anchor extremely effectively.

This is how you can create a positive anchor. The person will certainly memorize the exact same situation, place or object, so next time you use the anchor, it will work automatically.

Those who know how to do mind control will tell you that you need to be very descriptive when creating anchors. You should leave part of the work to the person’s imagination, but in order to get it working, you really have to make him feel “inside” the picture.

Once you have developed an anchor, you can readily use it any time for any purpose.

Now you know how to mind control by creating anchors. Keep learning more with my article How To Do Mind Control-It’s Easier Than You Think.

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