Hypnotic Mind Control – Is Flattering Effective for Building Rapport?

Mind Control And Hypnosis59 150x150 Hypnotic Mind Control   Is Flattering Effective for Building Rapport?

Hypnotic Mind Control

Every element of hypnotic mind control is equally important. You have to focus on building strong rapport so that you can influence people more effectively.

You know that mirror imaging, vocabulary matching and voice matching are technical methods that are based on conversational hypnosis. However, there are simpler methods that you may be used to using naturally. Flattering is one of them.

You certainly flatter people when you want them to do something for you. However, does this mean that flattering can be effectively used in hypnotic mind control?

Hypnotic mind control is a covert technique. This means that you are not supposed to do anything obviously. For instance, if you say to a person, “You are such a great guy/girl, would you do me this favor?” it is obvious that you are flattering him/her just because you want to get something from them.

This is not the way to use flattering in hypnosis to exercise mind control. You have to do it subtly so that the person can feel flattered without feeling pressured that he needs to give something in return. I will show you a number of techniques on how to use flattering.

You can readily say to a person, “I’m speaking to you as an intelligent and successful person.” You can readily see the ambiguity here. It is not clear whether this description refers to you or the other person. Still, he’ll hear the words, so he’ll feel flattered.

In a similar fashion, you can say, “Every successful/intelligent will want to X and Y (the benefits the person will get from doing what you want.” Again, you are flattering the person and giving him the idea that doing what you want will bring him the benefits he deserves.

Now you know how to use flattering for hypnotic mind control. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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