Mind Control Techniques – A Powerful Technique for Mind Control

images 1 Mind Control Techniques   A Powerful Technique for Mind Control

It is slightly manipulative, but you will not be seen as the manipulator. This is the beauty of it.

The method is really simple in its essence. Basically, you have to make the person think about losing something that he already has. However, instead of being straightforward and tell the person that his health/asset/happiness is at risk, you simply have to ask him how safe it is.

This technique can be used in literally every social situation. If you want to make a colleague work overtime, you can readily ask him, “How safe are our jobs in the current company/economic/financial situation?”

Similarly, if you want to make a child do his homework, you can say, “How well protected are you from getting a low grade having done only the first half of the homework?”

These are just examples of how to use this one of the mind control techniques, but you can readily use some creativity and come up with similar patterns by yourself.

Just remember to ask an open ended question every time. This will automatically make the person think about the issue rather than just answering impulsively.

What is the best time to use this one of the mind control techniques? This is a bit tricky because the idea behind persuasion is to make people do what you want by showing them the benefits. If you have done this and then you ask such a question, it may seem like a threat.

That is why your task is to make the question as subtle as possible. You can see this “softening” in the first example, where “your job” is replaced with “our jobs”.

Now you can use another one of the effective mind control techniques. Keep discovering more in my article Mind Control Techniques – Making People Do What You Want.

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