Mind Control – Do You Know What Mind Control Is All About?

minco9987 150x150 Mind Control   Do You Know What Mind Control Is All About?

Mind Control

However, many of those who are ready and willing to learn this method for persuasion actually do not understand the idea behind controlling minds.

Mind control is not about extortion and forcing people to do what you want on another kind of basis. Of course, you can do this, but results will be temporary and in the end your manipulation may turn against you.

In general, this method for persuasion has little to do with pure manipulation either. In most cases, the practitioner actually helps the person they influence feel better and more confident.

The idea behind mind control is to make people see the benefits they will get from a certain action. The masters of persuasion adopt a simple pattern of thinking that helps them stay confident and focused when influencing people.

Their motto can be summarized as, “The reason people are refusing to do what I want is because I have not shown them all the benefits.” This is great for motivation and will keep you on the track towards reaching your goal at all times.

Once people realize the benefits from doing what you want, all you have to do is tell them, “Do it.” There are techniques for doing this as well. The best way to influence a person to do something is to presuppose that he will do it.

Instead of asking, “Can you do X”, you can ask, “How/When will you do X?” It is as simple as this, but much more effective. When you ask an open-ended question, the person will automatically imagine doing what you want, so the action will be mapped in his mind.

Now you know what mind control is all about. Keep discovering more in my article Mind Control-Easy Tips on To Make It Simple.

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