Mind Control Hypnosis-Overt or Covert?

Hypnotic mind control

When we think about mind control or hypnotic mind control as a general rule you think about communicating wit the unconscious mind. I agree that is true sometimes as and article over at  hypnosis-mind-control.org, suggests.

Many times we want to speak both the conscious and unconscious  minds. A good example of that is a sales situation. When you are selling everyone knows why you’re there. So while you should be covert in your use of mind control you do not have to be covert in the topic of sales

After all it would be shocking if a salesperson didn’t even mention that he was there to sell to you. His title “salesperson” gives it away. So it is perfectly acceptable to discuss the idea of you buying from him.

No in a dating situation where you just met the person you may not want to be quite as overt in your topic of dating or maybe sleeping together. Again you still want to be covert in your use of mind control and hypnotic mind control and you also want to possibly be covert in your intention to get a date.

This way it seems like you’re just having a simple conversation and suddenly something romantic happens and you decide to get together in a  dating situation.

It really all depends on the situation whether you communicate to both the conscious and unconscious mind or just the unconscious mind

Obviously having read this far you want to learn more so check out the article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want

Agree or disagree, either way prove you’re alive post a comment below

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