Mindcontrol – How to Avoid Being Obviously Manipulative

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Many people, even those who are familiar with the different techniques, cannot understand the thin difference between mindcontrol and obvious manipulation. That is why in many cases the people they want to influence guess that they are being manipulated.

You would not want this to happen, as this is the biggest mindcontrol mistake you can possibly make. Once a person realizes he is being manipulated, the will not simply refuse to do what you want.

He will remember what you have done and how you have treated him and this may have even graver consequences for you in the future, especially if you will communicate often.

How to avoid “being caught in the act” when exercising mindcontrol?

Build strong rapport. This is perhaps the best preventative measure that you can adopt. When a person likes you and trusts you, he is less likely to question your words, actions and motifs.

You should use all rapport building tools from mirror imaging and vocabulary matching to flattering and even love bombing. Remember that meta communication is also essential for building rapport.

Never present yourself as the person causing the action. A lot of novice mindcontrol practitioners want to show off with their skills and tell people, “I will make you do this in no time” or “If I talk to you for five minutes, I will convince you to go out with me.”

You should definitely avoid using similar phrases as this will put a person off doing what you want before you have even mentioned it.

Never make promises that you cannot keep. Instead of saying, “If you do this, I guarantee you will earn a fortune”, you can readily say, “If you do this, you may make a fortune.” The second line is equally powerful but not manipulative.

Now you know how to avoid being manipulative when applying mindcontrol. Keep learning more with my article Mindcontrol-Three Fundamental And Useful Emotions.

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