Learn Mind Control – 2 Powerful Mind Control Tips

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You want to learn mind control because it will bring you many and different benefits. Indeed, it is invaluable to be capable of making anyone do what you want.

In order to get to this level of mastery, you have to learn mind control effectively and to practice regularly. You should also use as much advice as you can possibly get. Use the following tips I have come up with as much as you can.

1) Use active voice at all times.

There are a lot of reasons for using active voice when you want to influence someone. Firstly, when you speak directly, you have a greater chance of passing your message across.

You will agree with me that “You have to do the work” is much more powerful and prompting to action as “The work has to be done.”

Another reason for using active voice is to make a person see more clearly the benefits he will get form doing what you want. It is much better to say “You can see yourself” than saying “Seeing yourself”.

2) Use presuppositions as much as you can.

There are numerous ways to use presuppositions to influence people. You will see this for yourself as you continue to learn mind control. The really great thing is that they do not require much effort to come up with and work like magic almost all the time.

You can use presuppositions to point out that the thing you want the person to do is the best method for getting what he wants.

For instance, you can say, “There aren’t any better/easier/simpler/more effective methods for making money than investing in the stock marketing.” With this statement you automatically assume that investing in the stock market is a good/easy/simple/effective way to make money.

Now you can use these tips to learn mind control and practice it more successfully. Keep discovering more in my article Learn Mind Control- Get Things Done Your Way.

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