Power Mind – Are You Using Your Power Mind to the Fullest?

2122571777 509cae19cb 150x150 Power Mind   Are You Using Your Power Mind to the Fullest?

Find out how you can use it more effectively to become a master mind control practitioner.

You can use your power mind to get the right mindset for persuading others to do what you want. All you have to do is visualize yourself exercising mind control confidently. If you are a bit nervous, you can readily imagine that you are in a relaxing and safe place.

You should definitely use this tool for making visualization more effective. Think about it. Will it be easier or more difficult to describe a picture that you see in your mind? The answer is that it will be much easier.

That is why you can use your power mind to visualize the things you want the other person to visualize. In this way, you will make him imagine a clearer and more powerful picture of enjoying the benefits of doing what you want.

This tool will also help you in making the person visualize the action you want him to do. Remember that you can manipulate every picture in the person’s head. If the action is difficult for him, you can readily make him experience in his mind how easy it is to do it.

The mind power of your mind is particularly useful for staying unaffected by the influence of the other person. In any interaction, the two parties are affected by each other. By using this tool, you will be able to stay unaffected and even use the influence the other person has on your against him.

Just remember that getting all of these results requires considerable learning and practice.

Now you know how to use your power mind full. Keep building on this knowledge with my article Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People.

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  1. danny temple says:

    i’ve been having trouble for about 9 months and maybe targeted for longer. ive been followed and harrassed even while on foot by many people and now have police and sherriffs following me. it doesnt seem to matter what vehicle im in. im sure that i have some type of implant if only a gps. my entire family seems to suffer from some of the same symtoms. atleast twice my youngest niece has been in intolerable pain, screaming in her bed like she was burning alive. at the same time i felt a deep cloudy pain where i couldnt even talk or my voice would falter. i moved to the other side of the house and nothing changed. voices in my head said it was my fault and i couldnt stop it. i’ve found a white powder in my ears in my car and in my home. also ive checked myself and found it in a hotel in richmond, indiana and several bathrooms in columbus ohio. i’ve read about the nsa using poison kits to run pharmapsychology drugs into homes and businessess. im sure that some agent or agents have used this technology to control or manipulate people in this area. maybe both states or more. if u can find or know anything about the drugs or delivery methods i would appreciate it.

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