Hypnotic Mind Control – Using Language Tricks to Hypnotize People

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Hypnotic Mind Control

Usually, you will rely mainly on the trance words, such as “imagine” and “what if”. However, there are other words that you can use equally effectively to play tricks with the minds of others to make them do what you want.

The words “by” and “buy” are pronounced in the same way. This gives salespersons a unique opportunity to make hypnotic suggestions covertly. Instead of saying directly, “Buy this product”, you can make a sentence with the word “by” to influence the prospect customer more effectively.

You can say, “By using this product, you will get benefits X and Y.” You can also come up with a line like this, “By the way, this product can also give you benefit Z.”

Playing with these words will certainly boost sales, when hypnotic mind control is used.

Phrases like “I know” and “I understand” as well as “I can see” and “I can feel” are extremely useful as well. They can be effectively used for building rapport. For instance, you can say to a person, “I know/see you are an intelligent person.”

The phrases “I see” and “I feel” are particularly useful for influencing the person’s perception, when you exercise hypnotic mind control. The first phrase can be effectively used when the person uses his visual perception mostly. The latter is useful when the kinesthetic perception is stronger.

In general, the more adjectives you use in your hypnotic induction the better. You can readily use power adjectives, such as “confident”, “successful” and “smart”, to build rapport as well as to show the benefits the person will get from doing what you want.

Now you can use language more effectively when you apply hypnotic mind control on people. Keep learning more with my article Hypnotic Mind Control-Get Everything You Want.

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